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Make sure your ventilation is the right fit for your home with our help.

In your Concord, North Carolina home, you want to be comfortable. We take great measures to ensure that we feel comfortable and cozy in this place that we call home. We rely a great deal on our heating and air conditioning systems to make warm places cool and the cold places warm. However, something that many of us don’t realize is that, even with the best and newest models, our HVAC systems will be ineffective without the right ventilation.

Ventilation in Concord, North Carolina

Ventilation is the network of ducts and vents that we rely on to circulate warm or cool air throughout our homes on a regular basis. Without the right ventilation, our homes would feel stale, dusty and stagnant. We also might experience rooms that are too hot or too cold no matter the exterior temperature because of inadequate ventilation. Here at Dennis Patterson HVAC Inc., we keep our customers’ comfort levels at the top of our priority list and therefore will check your ventilation in addition to the functionality of your HVAC systems.

Because we have over 35 years of residential HVAC experience, we know how to ensure proper ventilation in a home so that you can remain comfortable throughout the year. Part of this is ensuring that your filters are changed regularly, so we even send out filter reminders to our customers. When it comes to the comfort in your home, we hope to help our customers see what an important role their ventilation plays. If you have questions about the ventilation in your home or would like our help with a new build, please give us a call today to learn more!