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Keep your heating going efficiently with our helpful heating services.

How old is your heater or furnace? Do you know how long these pieces of equipment usually last? These smaller details are something that many of us don’t think about often enough– until we try to turn on the heater on a chilly morning, only to discover there is no heat to be had! Here at Dennis Patterson HVAC Inc., we want to make sure you are warm during the cooler months here in the Concord, North Carolina area with our many heating services.

Heating in Concord, North Carolina

If you are unsure about the age or functionality of your heating system, don’t worry– we here at Dennis Patterson HVAC Inc. would still be happy to take a look at it and bring it up to speed. Because we have been working with residential HVAC systems for over 35 years now, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen, repaired or replaced during that time. No matter what shape your heating system is in, we have the skills, tools, training and latest technology to ensure that your service is efficient and effective.

Keeping our customers warm with regular services to their heating elements is something that we are passionate about here at Dennis Patterson HVAC Inc., which is why we have opted to not just offer our services, but also offer regular maintenance programs that help to keep your heating functioning most efficiently year after year. We even go so far as to send you regular furnace filter reminders! If you would like a tune up, repair or replacement of your heating, please be sure to contact us today at Dennis Patterson HVAC Inc. to learn more about our services.


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