Air Filtration, Mt Pleasant & Concord, NC And Surrounding Areas

One of the best ways to combat poor indoor air quality is to add an air filtration system.

Poor indoor air quality is a problem that can cause a lot health concerns and side effects. It's a rapidly growing issue that is often caused by contaminants in the air within your home, which re-circulate every time you run your HVAC system. One of the best ways to combat poor indoor air quality is to add an air filtration system that can eliminate contaminants from the air, ensuring a healthy atmosphere for you and your family. Some of the most common side effects caused by poor air quality include congestion, headaches, sore throats, eye irritation, and skin rashes. Prolonged exposure can lead to more concerning health issues, so it's important to address the issue and make sure your indoor air is safe to breathe.

air filtration in Concord & Mt Pleasant, NC

At Dennis Patterson HVAC Inc., we offer air filtration solutions for clients located throughout Mt Pleasant & Concord, NC These units contain comprehensive and well-designed filters that can trap even the smallest particles in the air, preventing them from continuing to circulate. One of the products we highly recommend to our clients is the Reme Halo air purifier. This unit works within your ducts to ensure that the air moving through the vents is properly purified. It uses the next generation of indoor air quality technology and can clean all the air in your home, unlike tabletop purifiers, which can only work in a small space. This type of air purification system can also remove particulates, gases, and microbials. For more information about the importance of air filtration and how we can help, contact us at Dennis Patterson HVAC Inc.